Jazz Club

Paris Bistro & Jazz Café

It’s a little past 5:30 on a Saturday at Paris Bistro & Jazz Café in Chestnut Hill and already the Café is jumping. Couples, groups of three, four and six sit at tables enjoying their first cocktail of the evening while others discuss dinner...



Yes, multiple Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper grew up here, in neighboring Rydal, just across The Fairway from the bustling Baederwood Shopping Center. Bob and Hope Katz, owners of West Avenue Grille, recall frequent visits from the handsome... more

I part the curtains and enter a very dark space. I am not prepared for the almost celestial environment that I am now inhabiting. At first I am unsure what I am seeing. Various size mushrooms, or are they white pebbles, floating in the air? As... more


We’re putting more of our passion for sustainability, economy and environmental stewardship into our songs,” Debra Lee said. Rick Denzien, the other half of their duo Lyra Project, added, “We were on our way to a protest in a diesel-powered bus... more


Penn State Abington and the Ogontz School is Frank Quattrone’s newest book. It traces the evolution of what Frank calls one of the best campuses in the Penn State University system. “It also is one of the most diverse in the country. Nearly half... more


I looked forward to fly fishing with Delaware River fly-fishing guide Gary Mauz, but I never thought I would be able to cast, much less catch fish without bait. more